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Jagiellońska 22

The building at 22 Jagiellonska St. belonged to Chaim Herkowicz and Perla Grinberg. It was built as a four-storey house with two annexes, which together with two wings of the adjacent building at 28 Okrzei St. would close up the common courtyard area.

  • renovated elevation and original decorative covings
  • 5-storey apartment house
  • small flats (one or two rooms) dominate the floors 1, 2 and 3
  • state-of-the-art lifts equipped with top-quality safety systems
  • wooden windows with decorative elements modelled on the original ones
  • preserved apartment doors with decorative frontons and hardware fittings modelled on the original ones
  • district heating and water supply
  • apartments from 2.90 m to 3.50 m high


Jagiellonska street used to bear many names; early in the 19th century it was called Szeroka, and from 1865 onwards the section towards the north of the current Kłopotowskiego St. was called Petersburska, whereas the southern part was named Moskiewska. The whole street got its present name as late as in 1919. In the era of the communist state, the northern part was renamed Stalingradzka. Today there is just one Jagiellonska street again, the home of many historical buildings.

One of them is the house of Chaim Herkowicz and Perla Grinberg, built as a four-storey edifice with two annexes, which together with two wings of the adjacent building at 28 Okrzei St. would close up the common courtyard area. The house at number 22 was erected in 1911-1912 in the style of early modernism. The façade shows very few traces of former splendour and variety. The reason being  the building had been damaged during the Second World War, and subsequently rebuilt without the original ornaments and balconies around the year 1950. Fortunately, there are a lot of interior design elements that have survived, especially in the staircase and gateway décor, e.g. door woodwork with decorative carving. On the landings there are also original two-tone tiled floors.

In the Addresses of Warsaw published in 1909, there is a mention of Aron Ehrlich’s grocery and Aron Perlmuter’s coal trade operating at this address. Around 1930, numerous doctors lived in the house (among them surgeons, gynaecologists and dentists), the census of the time mentions several officials residing here as well. A company owned by J. Zylberberg buying up old barrels also operated at 22 Jagiellońska St. (it functioned over the years 1932-1953). At that time the building belonged to Zygmunt Zawadzki. Fenix Group bought the property in February 2010 from the rightful inheritors.

Fenix Group Standards

We combine the old with the new in such a way that the structures continue to delight us with their historic details, yet are simultaneously full of modern technical solutions.


The house is located in a fast-developing area of Praga district, very close to Targowa street and Solidarnosci Avenue. Public transport in the vicinity offers a clear advantage. Hubs for entrepreneurs, such as Google Campus, are opening up in the area and numerous artists move their studios and galleries over here.

In the neighbourhood, you can find several places for recreation and sports activities, such as Skaryszewski Park, the Warsaw ZOO, Prawy Brzeg sports centre and the sandy beaches on the bank of the Vistula river. A state-of-the-art cinema and the children’s theatre, Teatr Baj, are just round the corner, and getting to Teatr Powszechny theatre and the National Stadium is a matter of minutes. Just a stone’s throw away is the famous Old Town, a fantastic place for a walk.

  • Tram

    3min (260m)

  • Bus

    4min (300m)

  • Subway

    5min (400m)

Investment gallery

The floors have been designed with utmost care. When renovating interiors, we source our products from small, artisanal tile manufacturers in France, Germany and Poland.


Our glamorous apartments

Paying attention to every detail, we give back forgotten places their former identity. Our passion and knowledge allow us to reawaken the very souls of buildings after a long and deep slumber.

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