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Targowa 21

21 Targowa St. is a marvellous example of how a completely dilapidated house can be restored to its former splendour. Fenix Group purchased the derelict building and began the process of its full-scale renovation, from foundations to the roof.

  • renovated elevation and decorative covings
  • 5-storey building with an annex
  • mainly small flats (two rooms)
  • apartments with terraces on the top floor of the front part of the building
  • state-of-the-art lifts equipped with top-quality safety systems
  • apartment doors modelled on the original ones
  • the height of apartments in the front part of the building (floors 1-5): 3.03 – 3.15 m; in the annex: 2.80 m


21 Targowa St. is a marvellous example of how a completely dilapidated house can be restored to its former splendour. The construction was carried out in two stages: the first three floors were built in 1898, and the two remaining ones in 1910-12 (the address at the time was 45 Wolowa St.). Up until 1914 the property belonged to Michał Erlich, and documents from 1916 indicate that the owners at the time were Mr and Mrs Erlich. In the 1920s the building belonged to Boruch Klaperzak. Just before 1939 the plot registered as 21/23 Targowa St. was owned by Rywka Klaperzak. She is recorded as the owner up until the beginning of 1940. In 1945, the property passed into city ownership.

In October 2003, all tenants were evicted, utilities cut off, thus leaving the building empty, ready for demolition. It all happened due to the plans of prolonging Swietokrzyska street and the technical state of the house. The regional Historic Preservation Office in Warsaw did not approve the demolition and instead listed the building among historic monuments, as part of urban structure of Targowa street in its section between Plac Wilenski square and the railway viaduct.   

The derelict building was purchased by Fenix Group and the company began the process of the full-scale renovation, from the foundations up to the roof. This will enable to combine the pre-war comfort of apartment layout with all the contemporary mod cons. The entire elevation is being meticulously restored, as well as the interiors and all the elements showing artistry of the pre-war craftsmanship, such as ornaments, covings, door and window woodwork, or banisters.

Fenix Group Standards

We combine the old with the new in such a way that the structures continue to delight us with their historic details, yet are simultaneously full of modern technical solutions.


21 Targowa St. is located in the fast-developing area of the Praga district. The renovated Targowa street is once again becoming the big city thoroughfare. Google Campus has been recently opened up close by and artists had discovered the district’s appeal a long time ago.

The second Metro line, as well as several tramway and bus lines guarantee easy access to other parts of the city. A trip to the Old Town takes only minutes. A railway station and a shopping centre are a short walk away.

A popular theatre (Teatr Powszechny), a state-of-the-art cinema (Kino Praha), the Museum of the Warsaw District of Praga, and a children’s theatre (Teatr Baj) are just a few examples of institutions of culture that can be found in the vicinity. You can also attend a sports event or one of some other kind at the National Stadium.

In the neighbourhood there are several places for recreation and relaxation, such as Skaryszewski Park, the Warsaw ZOO, Prawy Brzeg sports centre and the sandy beaches on the bank of the Vistula river.

You can choose a place to meet up with friends from numerous cafes and restaurants, especially in Ząbkowska and Francuska streets.

  • Tram

    1min (100m)

  • Bus

    2min (160m)

  • Subway

    8min (650m)

Investment gallery

The floors have been designed with utmost care. When renovating interiors, we source our products from small, artisanal tile manufacturers in France, Germany and Poland.


Our glamorous apartments

aying attention to every detail, we give back forgotten places their former identity. Our passion and knowledge allow us to reawaken the very souls of buildings after a long and deep slumber.

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