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Targowa 43

Targowa is one of the main arteries of Warsaw's Praga. In the neighbourhood, there are a lot of cobbled streets, small workshops and artisan shops. In the spring, several cafes spill out into the pavements.

  • 19 flats in an intimate building
  • a large choice of surface – from 25 m2
  • interestingly designed studio flats
  • two-room apartments
  • excellent public transport links, situated next to the new underground line
  • ceilings of up to 3.2 m

About investment

Warsaw's Praga is developing at a very fast rate. In place of old factories and workshops, art galleries, exhibition spaces, music venues and clubs have sprung up.

One of the exceptional streets in this part of town is Targowa. Over the years,  it has been transformed from a colourful marketplace into an elegant thoroughfare.

At number 43, a building still stands that remembers the times of horse-drawn trams and the St. Petersburg railway. The real property stands out with its geometrical symmetry.

Fenix Group Standards

We combine the old with the new in such a way that the structures continue to delight us with their historic details, yet are simultaneously full of modern technical solutions.

Investment gallery

The floors have been designed with utmost care. When renovating interiors, we source our products from small, artisanal tile manufacturers in France, Germany and Poland.


Our glamorous apartments

Paying attention to every detail, we give back forgotten places their former identity. Our passion and knowledge allow us to reawaken the very souls of buildings after a long and deep slumber.

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