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Jagiellońska 27

The house was built in 1913-1914 for brothers Jan and Gustaw Ahrens in an eclectic style. The interiors still boast some elements of the original décor.

  • renovated elevation and original decorative covings
  • 5-storey apartment house
  • small flats (one or two rooms) dominate the floors 1, 2 and 3
  • state-of-the-art lifts equipped with top-quality safety systems
  • wooden windows with decorative elements modelled on the original ones
  • district heating and water supply
  • apartments up to 3.50 m high


Jagiellonska in the form resembling its current run and direction was charted before 1762. On account of its proximity to a wooden bridge, it played an important role as thoroughfare, linking the area with other parts of Warsaw and the region of Mazovia. Throughout the 19th century, similarly to Targowa street, it served as marketplace location.

The street used to bear many names; early in the 19th century it was called Szeroka, and from 1865 onwards the section towards the north of the current Kłopotowskiego St. was called Petersburska, whereas the southern part was named Moskiewska. The whole street got its present name as late as in 1919. In the era of the communist state, the northern part was renamed Stalingradzka. Today there is just one Jagiellonska street again, the home of many historical buildings.

The building at number 27 was erected in 1913-1914 for brothers Jan and Gustaw Ahrens in an eclectic style. Inside, there are some elements of the original décor that survive to this day, especially in the staircase, where you can admire an Art Nouveau metal banister, white and red terrazzo tiles on the landings and covings with pearl string motifs on the ceilings.

Additionally, in the gateway, ceramic floor characteristic for the Warsaw houses of the first quarter of the 20th century still survives, and has been meticulously renovated. The house was officially listed as part of the national heritage in 2017.

Fenix Group Standards

We combine the old with the new in such a way that the structures continue to delight us with their historic details, yet are simultaneously full of modern technical solutions.


The house is located in a very well-connected area of Praga district, very close to Solidarnosci Avenue and the vibrant, renovated Targowa street. In the vicinity, there are numerous tramway and bus lines, as well as the second Metro line. The train station Warszawa Wilenska is within walking distance.

In the neighbourhood, there are schools, a nursery school, and a large shopping centre. The area abounds in small shops and services, popular restaurants and cafes. Round the corner, just several hundred metres away, there is the Warsaw ZOO and the sandy beaches of the Vistula river, a little further Skaryszewski Park, Prawy Brzeg sports centre, and several other areas perfect for practising various forms of active recreation and sport disciplines. A few houses down the street there is a trendy cinema, Kino Praha, and the children’s theatre, Teatr Baj. Teatr Powszechny theatre and the National Stadium are a short trip away.
You can take a walk in the Old Town, which is just a bus stop away. Jagiellonska 27 is a place for those who value the perks of living in the city, as well as unique comfort provided by houses built in the past.

  • Tram

    3 min (260 m)

  • Bus

    4 min (300 m)

  • Subway

    5 min (400 m)

Investment gallery

The floors have been designed with utmost care. When renovating interiors, we source our products from small, artisanal tile manufacturers in France, Germany and Poland.


Our glamorous apartments

Paying attention to every detail, we give back forgotten places their former identity. Our passion and knowledge allow us to reawaken the very souls of buildings after a long and deep slumber.

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